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Helle Bank Jorgensen is the CEO of B. Accountability and has worked with leading companies and organizations within sustainability and climate change for 25 years. She is a global board facilitator for the UN Global Compact Board Programme and the Head of the UN Global Compact in Canada.

Helle gained the majority of her experience during various roles at PricewaterhouseCoopers, including 11 years as a Partner in Denmark and the US. Originally a business lawyer, Helle graduated with a Master of Science degree in business administration and auditing in 1994, when she also became an Environmental Management Systems consultant. She qualified as a State Authorized Public Accountant (CPA) in Denmark in 1997.

She was the creator of the world’s first green account, assisted in creation of the world’s first integrated report and is working on Natural Capital Accounting. Further, she is the principle organizer for NVIR, the CEO/Investor-network for Business Ethics and Non-Financial Reporting, and has led many international assignments within strategy, supply chain responsibility, reporting, stakeholder engagement and assurance. Helle has extensive experience providing strategic and operational guidance to all functions within an organization.

Helle serves as an Act Now Ambassador and is on the board of Rethink Sustainability and the advisory board of the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS) and has served on many boards and expert groups such as; chair of the European Sustainability Reporting Association, Board of CSR Europe, Board of European Policy Centre, Sustainability Policy Group of FEE (Institute of European Accountants), member of the Council for International Development Cooperation (advisory council to DANIDA — the Danish International Development Agency), International associate of the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR) — University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

Articles by Helle

Helping Empower Boards to Unlock the Value of Corporate Sustainability

boardroom table

Board members can play a pivotal role in helping companies unlock the value of corporate sustainability.

Open a newspaper or tune into a radio show, and it’s a good bet you’ll run into a story about growing mistrust of companies and their leaders.

The sense that some of our current incentive systems seem to be driving risky and in some cases immoral behavior has catalyzed a public call for transparency, accountability, better governance and stewardship of our common resources. One major change people seek is commitment to sustainable business principles and subsequent global action.

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A month later, what did we learn from climate week?

Last month I was in New York City for Climate Week 2014 and Ban Ki-moon’s Climate Summit before heading to Montreal for the U.N. Principles for Responsible Investment. It was a fantastic week with lots of progress, promises and positive action from governments, cities, businesses, investors and citizens on climate issues and responsible business practices.

We must keep up the momentum. I am very optimistic and here’s why.


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5 ways boards of directors can support sustainability

board-meetingWhile corporate responsibility has risen as a strategic priority for many companies, boards have not been driving this change. The UN Global Compact LEAD board program conducts extensive surveys and interviews with board members, which have revealed some significant key areas where board members often are not aligned. Those key areas are what sustainability means, what value it brings to the company, whether it adds to (or subtracts from) profit and innovation, what the risks and opportunities of sustainability are and who the most important stakeholders are for the company’s success or failure.

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The Bottom Line from the Climate Summit: Little Urgency for the Necessary Change

Helle Bank Jorgensen, Special Advisor, United Nations Global Compact

Helle Bank Jorgensen, Special Advisor, United Nations Global Compact

“We have no time to wait and no need to wait to improve the quality of our lives.” – Harry Verhaar, Head of Global Public & Government Affairs at Philips Lighting

While companies attending the Climate Summits at COP19 in Warsaw Poland seemed more than ready for a climate deal, the negotiations during the United Nations Climate Change Conference seemed more like no-go-tiations.

While it was heartening to see the commitment from businesses such as Phillips, Siemens, Dow, IKEA, Unilever, Coca Cola, Velux, and BMW, business was not at the negotiation table. In fact, it seemed as if the negotiators were more focused on saying ‘No’ than on reaching an agreement – and creating a better world.

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The Message from Doha: It’s Time to Rethink the Business Model

Doha, Qatar was host for this year’s World Climate Summit and the Global Climate Talks. Nearly 200 countries attended COP18 and it was a great experience to watch the different cultures interact and work together. It is often in the mix between people – and by facilitating large-scale collaboration between businesses, financiers, NGO’s and regional, national and global regulators – that you get real impactful commitments and actions.

And there is no doubt that business and investors, pension funds and other financiers were sending a clear message to other business, financiers and governments: You better start Reduce, Rethink and Report.

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