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Ian McPherson

Join TSSS on February 5th as a distinguished panel from Bay Street explores why investors are not rewarding CSR leaders with higher stock valuations and what can we do about it.  Learn more

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VIDEO: Capitalism 1.0 and the Concentration of Wealth: It’s Time for a New Normal – “CAP2″

This video will shock you!  One of the flaws of Capitalism 1.0 is that the system has been hijacked to concentrate wealth.  Perhaps you would argue that we need a system that rewards hard work, creativity and ingenuity – ABSOLUTELY but this is ridiculous.  This type of wealth concentration is gutting the middle class, it does not reward millions of hard working people and this does not make for a thriving economy or society.

Today In the US, the richest 1%….

  • take home 24% of the national income while in 1976 it was 9%.
  • they own 50% of the county’s stocks, bonds and mutual funds while the bottom 50% own 0.5%
  • The average employee in a company has to work 1 month to make what the CEO makes in 1 hour

These ideas are explored further in a White Paper in partnership with TSSS and Earthshine Solutions“A Journey in Search of Capitalism 2.0″  

Download Here

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  • peter croppo

    “Socialize the losses, privatize the gains.”

    This is how wealth gets extracted from the working people & directed to the robber barons.

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